Deborah is the author of 5 books. Writing a book has been an indescribeable and wonderful experience.  Pulling from the lessons of her childhood and the inevitable battles and triumphs of her career and life, this book evolved!

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Deborah’s 1st Book, a motivational memoir:

Navigating Life’s Roadways:

Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and  Inspiration for Your Journey!

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Sharing the warmth and variety of stories found in the renowned Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Parker’s artful accounts of her treks through mountains and pits feeds the reader’s spirit (even throwing in the chicken). This book will guide and encourage you on your smooth or rough roadways ahead. A must read!

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And Deborah’s 2nd Book:

Life is a Review: Observations and Collections of My Passages Through the Times, is a compilation of essays, blogs, poems I’ve been writing for over 20 years around identity, career, family, etc. (Ebook only)  Available on Amazon Kindle (only):

Book 3

For People of Strength, Soul, and Spirit: Seven Guidelines for Life & Career Success, is part history book, part motivational speech and part workbook as Deborah shares robust strategies on goal achievement with foundations of African American heritage.

This book appears as recommended reading to an article on success in the
March 2013 edition of Ebony Magazine!

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Deborah’s Book 4

Hardcore Leadership: 11 Master Lessons from My Airborne Ranger Uncle’s “Final Jump”

Weaving in take-aways from her career and personal experiences in leadership development, Deborah, also a retired reserve Lieutenant Colonel, has put together a thought-provoking book packed with memorable teaching anecdotes. Inspiring and informative in saluting her uncle’s biographical legacy, she makes the case for us all in Hardcore’s words, to ‘press on.’

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And Book 5

Tools to Cultivate the Promised Land: Working Wisdom From My Grandparent’s Garden

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“We as a people will get to the Promised Land.”  In this banner season of African American history, Deborah L. Parker takes remembrances from of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination and the dreams of a community and metaphorically connects them to recollections of her maternal grandparents’ garden.  Referring to these grandparents as ‘two of the wisest people she has ever known.’ while using their tool shed as a base, Deborah lays out the principles of sowing and harvesting for readers to cultivate their goals in various aspects of their lives. She also brings in cultural narratives meshed with Biblical references to the Promised Land as she shares the engineering of her personal Exodus to further bring readers in to the importance of recognizing the foundation of past lessons to future progress.