About Us

Deborah L. Parker is the Principal Consultant and Owner of The DPJ Training Group.  She named this firm after her grandparents, the late Pearl and Joseph Parker, to whom she refers to as “2 of the wisest people she’s ever known.”  Their wisdom and strength has guided Deborah in this enterprise for over 15 years. And that’s how DPJ (Deborah, Pearl, Joseph) came to be!

Deborah’s global work as a speaker, corporate trainer, coach, and human resource consultant brings a wealth of experience on a variety of workplace issues providing training for government and private sector clients. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion, Workplace Harassment
  • Communications Skills, Teambuilding

In her work Deborah combines an academic background of degrees in Sociology (B.A., College of William and Mary) and Human Resource Development (M.A., George Mason University), with a variety of positions in operations and human resources with companies such as Mobil Oil and Philip Morris.  Also Deborah has gained insight into leadership with time in the US Army Reserve, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  Deborah has additionally published books and articles in local and professional publications on leadership as a part of life skills or running a business. She has also worked in training management for Booz Allen Hamilton and Perot Systems Government Services. Deborah attended seminar certification courses with Dale Carnegie and Associates on leadership and personal development.

The DPJ Training Group Partners

The DPJ Training Group partners with a diverse group of associates, very respected professionals in people development, strategic planning, change management and inclusion success. Their backgrounds span

  • Academia
  • Corporate leaders
  • Military officers
  • Entrepreneurs

And they are overall life veterans that bring the unique and comprehensive perspectives geared towards solutions for dealing with the complexity of many types of organizational challenges.  They have negotiated the cultural landscape of many client companies with their internal and external consultancy expertise.

We look forward to our team meeting your team!

The Approach


Practical, engaging and informational!  Deborah pulls on her vast experiences to relate to her audience’s challenges. Often connecting everyday life realities of family and community to leadership, teams, communications or diversity principles, participants leave her training sessions with stunning breakthroughs on how to move forward through their obstacles.  They have a plan of action!

Reviews of Deborah’s training and speaking

Deborah is engaging, intelligent, and able to connect with participants immediately and with great effect.

She is a quick learner, analytical, detail-oriented, and organized and, a welcomed addition to any training.”

Her audience is her first concern and works hard to deliver and reach her client’s objectives and expectations.”

Contact Deborah @ (703)463-0363 or dlparker6@verizon.net