Finding Rainbows After the Storms

Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians. Chinese proverb            There’ve been many storms in our nation recently. From the real kind to those of the human heart with the tragedy in Colorado. Driven by the fury of … Continue reading

Courage and the Business of Leadership

How often do we think about what it takes (beyond our skills) to keep doing what we’re doing. Particularly when it’s tough stuff. This reminds me of my time in the army; going through boot camp, officer candidate school and … Continue reading

3 Surefire Ways to Move from Toxic to Triumphant Leadership

First, a little backstory. Recently I was involved in an enlightened conversation about toxic leadership at a professional development conference held for military officers. During the lunch break I sat with a mix of junior and senior officers—to include a … Continue reading

Leadership Tools from the Peanut Field: A Southern Woman’s History, Legacy and Lessons

  My hometown of Waverly Virginia sits adjacent to an area known as the “Peanut Capital of the World.”  Many businesses and jobs were based on the growth as well as the extraction of this crop in the 1940’s through1960’s, … Continue reading